Hello to the few people who still may be rolling by this space. It always surprises me when I get a message on this blog (I'm not sure I even know the password to the comic anymore).

As you've probably deduced on your own, Duchess Mew is permanently dead. I will eventually be setting this material up in an archival space that I feel comfortable with, but it will be a while. If you don't hate me now, I've moved on to slow-blogging at a different website http://singlestitch.wordpress.com where you can watch me struggle with actually completing something creative and dealing with my move to Europe.

I know the author is working on a new project which will hopefully launch this spring or summer. I will post on my blog about it when that happens. Don't worry, I won't be drawing it. ;)

Sincerely, The Artist


As you've probably noticed, I haven't been able to update the comic lately. With my classes and work, Duchess Mew is going on an unplanned hiatus. I'm very sorry and will try to update when I get the chance, but I'm afraid I can't promise anything. Expect to see more comics by May at the latest. I won't have as much homework over the summer this year.


Sorry for the late update, things have been busy over here in Boston-land and while I finished drawing what you see on Tuesday, we totally forgot to letter the comic until tonight.

Anywhoo, the important news I have for you all today is that despite my crazy work and class schedule I am going to try and keep updating Duchess Mew. What that means for you, is that each week's comic will be shorter than normal. Generally half the size in fact. That should be a manageable amount most of the time. Thank you for sticking with us. :-)

And Happy V-day (or Anti-V-day) as the case may be. We're going out to a comedy show and then I'm writing the first 10 pages of my digital preservation paper. Woo-fun.


It's been a busy week. Thank you for bearing with me.


Congratulations to Joe and Olivia on their wedding today! We wish them many wonderful years together, and hope we'll see get to see them more often in the future. :-)

We're currently in California for their wedding, hence the filler.


It's not comic related, but I just wanted to share my new project with you all. As a way to make some money for the upcoming American Library Association Annual conference, I've started a Cafepress store. You can check it out at www.libraryorbust.com. Feel free to comment or sign up for the newsletter, or even buy something if you are so inclined.

I anticipate putting together a small Duchess Mew shop soon as well, so stay tuned. :)


Awesome News! We've finally gotten a domain name to redirect to our Comic Genesis hosted site! So now you may officially get our comic by using www.duchessmew.com.

In other news, be forewarned that we have one more wedding to attend this week, this time out in California. There will most likely be a filler (and by most likely, it'll take an act of god to find me time to draw the comic this week).

Shade & Sweet Water all! Go tell everyone about our new domain name. :-)